Poetry Here (Mostly)

Where the lonely path widened

enough for a picnic place,

they cuddled on a blanket,

a cozy and private world

that freed their inhibitions

and released confidences.


The stars encouraged brilliant

points of view, and sparkling wine

made life together rosy.

Intoxicated plans built

a heaven where they took turns

being the sun, then the moon.


Sandwiches and promises,

then they parted company,

both had to get up early.

But each tossed, turned, felt heartburn,

when they could not quite digest

one another’s baloney.

Comments on: "Problem with Eating Outside" (3)

  1. love so much~

  2. I appreciate your comment.

  3. Really good work, Elaine. You write so eloquently about simple pleasures. I need to try that slant more often. You also have an engaging sense of humor ! Most of my poems are more about loneliness and abandonment, but I’m a funny guy, usually ! It’s cool you’re from New York. I’m a diehard Yankees fan ! 🙂 Do you have a Facebook page ? If so, I’d like very much to be friends. If not, again, great work on here and I’ll enjoy your future posts 🙂
    Thanks !……..Jeff

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