Poetry Here (Mostly)

Will a spirit fly when freed or,

may it linger at death’s closed door,

listening, peeping through the keyhole?


Watch funeral, hear eulogies,

or flee from sad faces and tears,

does a spirit still have a heart?


Do the dead rush with warm welcome

when a spirit newly arrives,

are reunions always happy?


If a spirit may sleep, can dreams

transmit positive messages

to console the living who mourn?

Comments on: "Beyond Questions" (10)

  1. I Love it ! Definitely questions we ponder, right ? I’m into the paranormal and what happens after we transition to…..wherever ! I watch all the ghost shows, but prefer the stories from everyday people. ” My Ghost Story ” is the best I think, on Saturdays. I wanna go on a ghost hunt so bad !

    Incidentally, I went back and added a few tags to my older posts, per your suggestion. Thanks for the advice, Elaine. I had some time to poke around on the site and check things out. Have a great day and keep writing. 🙂

  2. may it linger at death’s closed door..love "closed door"~so true feelings~xiexie E:)

  3. really interested poem. did it stem from any recent events? or rather deaths of someone? yes I am now on wordpress

  4. we believe that a person lingers around those he loved/loved him for a full year even if he is happy.

    i dont believe in afterlife but i have had some very strange experiences after my mother passed away.

  5. I think we can’t know whether there is or isn’t an afterlife.

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