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If I keep aging to 100 years,
will the Today Show program still be there
to air a long-in-the tooth grin, my face,
a wrinkled label on a Smucker’s jar?
Will old Willard Scott, or his replacement,
sum up my life with a sweet anecdote?

“This gal attributes her longevity
to tea and squeezed lemon juice from her tree,
plus, she plays harmonica twice a day.
What a great way to exercise your lungs.
Hey, maybe I should start blowing the blues,
and darjeeling tea tastes great with cheesecake.”

When I am really old, will I regret
that I cut back on cholesterol, corn
syrup, alcohol, and cigarette packs?
If, due to their excessive enjoyment,
those who matter most to me have passed on,
will lifestyle to stay alive seem worthwhile?

In forty years, century birthdays might
be too common for tv announcements.
I might be spry, able to hear, remember,
see, and work until I’m way past 90.
I feel tired thinking of life like that.
Need some sugar to give me energy.

June Gloom

Sun looks so sleepy
blond head sunk in damp pillows
birds muffle voices

Silly Sibilance

Sammy Samoyed*

smells something savory,

slobbers slimy saliva.

Suzie’s sandwiched

salami sits solitary.


Stomach signals,

Sammy stares, stalks.

snout sniffs, snorts;

sudden, swift snag.

Sammy scurries.


Somewhere secret

savors salty sustenance.

Somnolent Sammy

surmises Suzie’s surprise,

smiles, snickers, sleeps.


*A samoyed is a white dog, known for its abundant fur. It was originally bred to herd reindeer in Siberia, and takes it name from the Samoyedic people.

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