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Staying Home


Partly cloudy with the threat of a shower. Took a photo from my window, and probably that’s a far as I’ll go out today. Every news outlet and health organization warn the elderly to socially distance, especially when there are underlying conditions. Haven’t noticed any myself, but if I do, I hope that, like sleeping dogs, they continue to lie and not bother me.

Yesterday, I didn’t feel like 72 (or maybe, paraphrasing Gloria Steinem’s words when she turned 50, this is what 72 feels like) when I courageously ventured out into the viral world, while pulling my trusty shopping cart. At Ralph’s grocery, it was interesting to see which items were not being hoarded.I found no fresh or frozen chicken, but plenty of beef liver, and in the pasta aisle, there were mostly empty shelves except for the healthful types of wholewheat spaghetti. Yes, they had no bananas, but plenty of cabbage. And, it’s lucky we like lima beans because there weren’t many other choices among the frozen vegetables. I also grabbed some edame (soy pods), spinach, and corn cobs.

I felt little personal concern regarding the lack of toilet paper, as the day before (Friday) I’d found three rolls at CVS, and another 3 at Rite Aid, so added to the four at home, we can “go” for quite a while.

I can’t purchase more than my cart can hold, but loaded down with canned goods (beans and soups) and other stay-at-home-if-I-have-to supplies, it’s likely I dragged home 30 pounds. A good workout, especially when climbing a steep hill. I don’t drive so I am used to such challenges, and it was really no big deal, not even for someone classified as “elderly.”

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