Poetry Here (Mostly)

Social Distancing


Another photo from my window. Even the clouds seem to be socially distant. Of course, gazing out is not all I accomplished today. Had a sudden urge to rearrange my linen closet. How many towels and sheets do a couple actually need? Some go back 30 years. A few raggedy towels set aside for wet dogs, but most of the rest are now back on shelves neatly folded and piled one upon the other. I still haven’t got the hang of folding elasticized bottom sheets, even after video lessons.

Last night, I cooked up that pack of pork chops left behind by the hoarders. A bit thicker than I usually fry, but not bad. Sprinkled with some Mrs. Dash original seasoning and dabbed with soy sauce they baked up well on my cast iron pizza pan. Leftovers tonight.

By the way, I have always loved bleach and nowadays even more. Two tablespoons in a quart of water, a disposable glove and a rag rubs out you know what on door knobs, and other items that might possibly be contaminated.

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