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When 7 Comes Up

 Julia’s Place: What is 100WCGU?

I am attempting the weekly challenge to create a 100 + 7 word story from the first sentence below. Even more challenging is figuring out how to link it to Julia’s site.

Would 7 prove to be too much? At 17, while drinking Seagram 7 mixed with 7-Up, I did not stop to think.

That September I’d be a high school senior. One July evening, my best friend and I took the bus to O’Brian’s, a seaside hangout for college kids. Before I emptied my glass, I felt young and shy. Soon, two upper classmen took interest.  When we were all quite liquored up, we divided into couples.

Inside, we danced romantically slow. Outside, he tried to get too close. But, just in time, I threw up.  Later, I felt lucky that 7 did prove to be too much.

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