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Pink Monkey-1

Chimps should give poetry a go,
for, no doubt, they’d know how to toe
a rhyme and make a stanza screech.

Their poetry would bare sharp teeth,
fling coconuts and just for fun,
smack lips and stick out tongues.

From their creative exhibitions,
we might overcome our inhibitions,
and on our own simian lines we’d swing.



bird fight.jpgThe tidy deserve
messy comforts and
grateful expressions.

The fierce admire
tough challenges that
suspend all chuckles.

The clumsy amble
irked by bright glimmer
spangled in their eyes.

The deceived complain
and exaggerate
great astonishment.

The fleet and versatile,
by coincidence,
perform and delight.

The Past in Paint

Back then, your art sent me away,

it displayed our differences.

Now, happenstance gave me the chance

to view your paintings on Youtube;

how strange this world that finds them there.


Formal, hard-edged labyrinths,

geometrics in prime colors,

 aisles of complicated meaning,

incomprehensible then, now;

a blank canvas when we first met.


We used to travel parallel,

long gone the place where we could meet.

Bold, linear, intense colors,

strong passion and disciplined brush,

still the big picture of your life?


You do not exhibit your face;

would I be recognizable?

I wonder if these forty years

have dimmed the blue sky in your eyes

and thinned your tousled, golden hair.

The Vase

Algebra factors bored

friends who preferred baseball

thrown and caught, high and low,

through the heart of the house

that pounded hit and miss.

Venetian hand-blown glass,

glazed warm with memories,

Modigliani necked,

graceful, fragile icon,

broke like a shattered dream.

Dad took Ben’s mitt and ball,

grounded, Ben could not play,

did homework on his own.

What lesson did he learn?

It hurts when your Mom cries.

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