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Some May Hard-Boil (day 4 journey/simile)

What’s inside contains

the same. However,

before the journey,

to be marketed,

like people, eggs get

grouped by their color.

Preparing Poetry

Bees, please, you must fly out of my bonnet,
I’ve relied too much on your honeycomb.
A sugary sonnet, I don’t want it,
but can’t break habit til temptation’s gone.

Bees, too often I’ve let your syrup slip
sticky slippers on my poetic feet,
cloy-clad, they do not walk, they only sit;
swarm away bees and sting me when we meet.

Bees now flown elsewhere to do their buzzing,
poems unsweetened taste bland, without spice.
Perhaps, hot chillies so my words start cussing,
Asian, Cajun verbs enhance plain white rice.

Took off my bonnet, put on a chef’s hat,
cooked sonnet spaghetti, sauce this and that.

Problem with Eating Outside

Where the lonely path widened

enough for a picnic place,

they cuddled on a blanket,

a cozy and private world

that freed their inhibitions

and released confidences.


The stars encouraged brilliant

points of view, and sparkling wine

made life together rosy.

Intoxicated plans built

a heaven where they took turns

being the sun, then the moon.


Sandwiches and promises,

then they parted company,

both had to get up early.

But each tossed, turned, felt heartburn,

when they could not quite digest

one another’s baloney.

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