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Not nostalgic, wistful, blissful

wishful, tearful, woeful, forceful,

heretical, sexual, political, snappy,

happy, sad, romantic or mad.

Dull as a butter knife, lyrical

like an off-key song, exciting as

everything’s right and nothing’s

gone wrong, neither rain nor shine.

Never could be called sublime, 

divine, crude, cruel, kind, refined, 

sympathetic, copacetic, and it’s 

not shameful, nor disdainful.

Must stanzas be presented with 

purpose, can lines share feelings

without meaning, what is a pencil

if, like this poem, it has no point?


When depression fills my cup

with its dark severity,

I find a glazed dunked donut

adds some kneaded levity.

I often buy those potent pills

in chocolate chip disguise,

encased in cookie capsules, 

they comfort and tranquilize.

Sugar gives a pleasant lift,

combines with dopamine excess

to smear icing on what’s bitter,

honey of an excuse, I guess.

My craving does not expire,

contrition has no conviction,

still fall prey to sweet desire,

can’t kick confection addiction


IMG_1498.jpg We exited
off the freeway
to wind around
country boulders.

placards expressed
state of rural

“Deer may cross”
“Rocks may slide”
“May flood when it rains”
“Horseback riding allowed”


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