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Parents and Pets (#243)

Puppies grow into companions

happy to remain where they’re raised.

Children feel stuck in home’s canyons

wishing on stars parents don’t gaze.

Purchased birds cling to their cages,

seem content with their inside lives,

but children seek wider ranges,

they need to fly when they can drive.

Puppies and parakeets liven

where children once played and chattered,

a house still a caring haven

though not the heart of what matters.


Rescued pregnant and astray,

lab and setter mix they say.

Unknown male fulfilled his need,

no one knows mate’s size or breed.


Mongrel-born variety

unfit for a pedigree,

helpers took their best option

and placed pups for adoption.


So many at the doggie fair,

came across her litter there,

after seeing puppies play,

had to take one home that day.


So quick to be housebroken,

rare bark is quite outspoken.

To myself no need to talk,

‘cause he listens as we walk.


More often it’s convenient

to yield and be obedient.

Never had a dog so strong,

sweet to all who come along.


Ice plants grow like crunchy weeds,

where pup sprints ahead of me.

I see nostrils quiver whiffs

then he chews on what he sniffs.


I call for him to follow,

not knowing what he swallowed.

He returns hang tongued to lick,

I feel slobbery and slick.

His leash pulls and then goes slack,

am I leader of his pack?

We adopted him quite small,

warned us that he has large paws.


Still we do feel some surprise,

two months doubled him in his size.

Wonder just how big he’ll get,

no sure answer from the vet.ImageImage

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