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The Price of Lint #239

Soon our money will be spent

fixing up our drier vent.

Thought that Sears could do the job,

but they’re just a high-priced mob.


I think the clothesline’s good enough

unfailing sun dries all our stuff.

He wants bath towels extra soft,

they’re too rough when hung aloft.


Received another estimate,

more fair than the one Sears sent.

Still, they need to break a wall,

pipe to the roof and that’s not all.


From the line a bird takes wing,

that’s where I still hang our things.

Lawn and sky comply with codes,

natural vents for washer loads.


What a mixed up mess I have brought 
on my traveling train of thought! 

Can I find any useful thing 
in the crammed suitcases I bring? 

There is no reason for the need 
of dried-up poems gone to seed; 

Lines that tried to fly with “feather” 
but fell flat when rhymed with “leather”; 

Labored paragraphs I carried, 
so unlikely they’ll get married. 

Phrases incomplete when single, 
doubt this trip drives them to mingle; 

Subject matter I should throw out 
since no one reads what it’s about; 

Sickening sweet Valentine verse 
fattens my mind and maybe worse; 

The train chugs down its mindful track, 
loaded with bags I can’t send back.

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