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April Morning 2022

Blank as an empty wall

hard to picture much at all;

digging into mind’s coffer,

just this or that to offer.

Sunnier than yesterday,

that sky clouded over gray.

First, I’ll solve today’s Wordle,

postpones my bigger hurdle.

In blue chair I sit upright

looking out for lines to write.

Despite glass not so clean,

leafing tree appears serene.

Tranquil surge of springing life

counterbalances world strife;

purple petals on porch floor,

blooms unfold to flower more.

Writes of Spring

Mint, rosemary, and lemon
enhance my garden’s breeze
Roses bloom again this year,
lovely each variety.

Ladybugs, budding trees,
birds, and birds of paradise,
pomegranate’s red flowered,
tomato seeds growing fast.

Usual sky, blue and bright,
puffed clouds silent and sailing.
Such a day that’s come and gone,
once or twice I stepped outside.

This poem blew in, took root,
but weak, it does not dig deep,
unlike the garden that grows
with strong creative purpose.

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