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Old Movies

Sometimes before falling asleep in bed,
I tune in people who now are long dead,
glamorous actors from last century,
look stylish in dramas or comedy,
film noir, or high jinks of action frolic,
city bustle or somewhere bucolic.

Cinema loved a storybook romance,
feelings expressed in a well-rehearsed dance.
Entertainment sang on Hollywood lots,
before stars got cast into dark, final plots.
On home screens they shine without special effects,
computer zombies, or uncomfortable sex.

Getting through the Night

Beware of near invisible traps

that tie the careless in silken wraps.

Creepy arachnids, agile and spry,

each with a set of eight little eyes.


Spitting and spinning mouthfuls of bile,

crafty sticky-haired intricate style.

Attraction held in gluey ferment,

life ends in deadly entanglement.


Moon enhances gossamer shimmer

but on this night without light’s glimmer,

when eyelid clouds over twinkles close,

I lay awake, startled from repose.


Between my sleep and this unlit scene,

I feel the loss of my slipping dream.

Window opens to black reflection,

the room feels stuffy with oppression.


Shapeless, nocturnal garden, a feast

for pawed and many antennaed beast.

When I hear a shuffling rustle,

heart pounces with the outside bustle.


Nails click up, leap to roof from trunks,

I pull covers over my goosebumps.

Lions, skunks, imaginings all kinds

scurry through the burrows of my mind.

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